Sunday, September 27, 2009

ooohh, MAN!!!!

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! Today I went to the new KMCC (the mall in Ramstein) and I bought a cute shirt..... when in line to buy my new found treasure.... Courtney Jones points out that it was a maternity top..... taken by it's cuteness I refused to put it back! When I got home and tried it on... IT WAS TOO SMALL!!!!! It's a maternity shirt folks!!!! :'(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AND THE RESULTS ARE............... :) :) :) ♥ :)

YOUTH CAMP WAS SOOOOO AWESOME!!!! The Americans were really running late so we got to the camp grounds one hour before the first service started...... I was soooo embarrassed!!! ANYWAY! So when I got to my room there was the Dunsin!!!!! SHE WAS IN MY ROOM TOO!!! I love Dunsin.... last year I was in the same room with her and she was sooo COOL!!!! I got to have late night talks with her and share secrets...... she is just AWESOME!!! OKAY.... so I was getting ready for church when the lady that is over the camp came and told us that we had to wear house shoes to church and not high heels!!!!! NO HIGH HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was soooooo MAD!!! So the rest of the camp.. my church outfits looked sooo broke!!! :( OOh WELLL!!! Next year I'll bring "house shoes" that look ok with my outfits just in case!!!! LOL After the first night, Bro. Wallace took all of the young people on a nature walk.... AT NIGHT... IN THE DARK!!!! it was CRAZY!! we were all falling and stuff because he was leading us up a narrow, rocky hill.... Crazy Bro. Wallace... hills are for boys........ in the day time!! :) The next day Sis. Linder taught the young ladies about submission and modesty... SHE WAS DA' BOMB!!! I love her!!! :) then after that lesson time we went outside and played basketball... our team won thanks to Shanice and Courtney!!! :D After that game we were supposed to play more games but CJ, Shanice, Lynette, and I went to Shanice's room and cooled off!!! We rejoined the group during lunch and then I got ready for church..... The church service was ONE-DORF-ALL!!!! Br. Linder preached about seeing with spiritual eyes... HE IS AWESOME... JUST LIKE HIS WIFE!!! lol. okay so after the service we had a bond fire and we gave a burnt offering to God!!! :') Hallelujah!! That was a great experience!!! :) Then we played fuss ball for a little while and then off to bed!!!! The next morning i had kitchen duty to which i was late to.... but ANYWAY!!! We ate breakfast which consisted of hard bread and nutella!!! :P yummy!!!! after breakfast we had a Bible quizzing thingy... JORDAN WON!!!!! (of course!!) and then I got this huge amazingly crazy head ache.. :( so when it was time for games, i decided not to participate.... I sat on the side line and cheered!!! :) then I decided to get some water and pour it on someone annoying.... PHILIPP!!!!! :) but sad to say.. he got me worse than i did him.... :( we next played a game with water balloons.... needless to say... it turned in to a huge water fight.... *sigh*.. it was awesome!!! :) We had to pick up every little balloon wrapper and then run inside take our shower and then hurry to choir practice with Dunsin.... She is FAB-YOU-LOSS at choir directing!!! after that I ran upstairs got ready for church and was back in about twenty minutes.... (record broking for me!!) Church was TOTALLY FAB!!! about eight people got the Holy Ghost... Shanice being one of them...!!!! YAY!!! blah blah blah..... that night we had a BBQ!! and we got to stay up late.. as long as our stuff was packed and ready to leave in the morning... which mine was NOT!!!! :) lol.. but GE BITTE!! That night Melanie Tonkawick snuck into my room and we ate snacks and laughed and talked until 5:30 A.M. !!!! and we both woke up at 6:30 :( i jumped out of bed and started stuffing my things into my suitcase and then... my mom came in to find me not even half way packed.... she helped me and then we were off to get some breakfast.. (Bread and Nutella.. again..) I was sooo tired.. i couldn't even think straight!!! lol but talking with Melanie was WAAAYYY worth it!!! :) I have to say I have not known her for very long.. (maybe about a Year) but she is probably one of my best friends!!! :) right after breakfast everyone gathered and was talking and taking pics.... it was sooo much fun... then the time came when we needed to leave.. and i begged my mom to stay a little bit longer with the Vienna young people.. and we did!!! Then when my mom tried to start the van the battery was dead... :( so some brothers from the Vienna church helped us!!! then it was truly time for me to say good bye!!! i wish it never ended!!! :( I had such a good time with everyone!! But hopefully I'll see them all soon!!! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

♥ YOUTH CAMP!!!!! ♥

I am sooo excited about youth camp this year!!! First of all, Bro. Linder is preaching it and he is sooooo good!!! I heard him at the European Conference last year!!! He tore it UP!!!
I can't wait to see all of my Austrian friends, especially Melanie!!! I can't wait to make more mermories and to have soo much fun!!!! The only thing I'm kind of dreading is saying good bye to all of my friends..... possibly for the last time :(

Friday, July 24, 2009

VBS.... RESULTS!!! ♥

Today was the last day of Son Rock Kids Camp!!!! (VBS) It was awesome!! I got the great opportunity to meet a whole lot of new people!!! I also learned that the most important thing you need to have with you when working with kids is ... PATIENCE!!! I thank God for all of the kids' hearts and lives I have been able to touch!! They were all soo sweet and together we had a
ONE-DORF-ALL time!!!! I am TRUELY blessed!! ☺

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation Bible School

YEAH!!! it's starting to feel like summer around here... but don't get me wrong!! it's not because of the weather.. it's because VBS is next week!! I'm kind of nervious because I'm going to be dealing with a whole bunch of 1st and 2nd graders!! ( I'm doing my sarcastic " Whoopiii" eye roll!!) I have to write a report on each kid at the end of the day to make a "Memory book" for the parents!!! If the parents really wanted "memories" they should do something with their own kid!!! Ooooohh.... well.... It's something to do I guess!! but please.... KEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS!!! thanks!!! ♥

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yesturday, My mom and I went to Heidelberg to look at a piano that some people were selling... AND WE BOUGHT IT!!!!! it is sooo ONE-DORF-ALL!!! I can't believe that my parents actually bought it just like that!! THANK YOU, JESUS...(and Mom and Dad!!) =)


Ahhh....!! FINALLY it's summer over here!! The weather is BEE-YOU-TEA-FULL, the days are LOOONG, and I can finally get a NATURAL tan!!! :) I'm soo happy, I just HAD to share this good news with everyone on my blog!!! I never get on here except when I'm at the Jone's house so today is a record breaker!!! :) I'll even post some pics with this blog entry today!!! (WARNING: THESE PICTURES WILL BE RANDOM!!!) lol. WOW!!! this is scaring me how much I'm doing on here!! LOL!!! LATER!!